Monday, May 12, 2014


Some time ago when Stampin' Up! had reduced pricing for My Digital Studio projects, I used a trifold card template to design several sets of note cards.  This trifold template is my most favorite, and I have to say that having pretty note cards ready to use is awesome!  As I was starting to clean up the stamp room last Thursday and listening to music, there was a song that reminded me of my cousin, Teresa.  Her name has come up before in a blog post or two.  We were friends and partners in crime all through school and when I think about those days now, I don't have memories of anything bad--no regrets, no embarrassment to speak of (or that I'm willing to speak of)--there's just one word to sum it all up . . . carefree.  I think everyone deserves to take a trip through their memories and recall moments that were truly carefree.  I hope they can.  Anyway, Teresa and I spent a lot of time going nowhere and doing nothing, whether it was on foot, bicycles or . . . a little later . . . in a car.  And I mean that we were in. the. car.  We would go to ballgames, but just to see who was in the stands.  We went to the library to work on a report (back when kids had to go to libraries for research), but we'd often just turn around and leave.  Sometimes we would even leave school a little early.  ;-)  During our Junior year, we were on the Yearbook staff.  Many times when we were supposed to be out selling ad space, we would pull into the parking lot of a business, try to agree on which one of us would prospect the sale, but then end up leaving to just drive around.  In the late '70s, that's what teens did . . . rode around in cars, listening to 8-tracks.  The music that plays as my memories replay is usually The Oak Ridge Boys ("Elvira" - we could really butcher that song), Kenny Rogers & Dottie West, and ALWAYS Fleetwood Mac.  And so I pulled out one of my printed trifold cards because I wanted to let Teresa know that I was thinking of her and am thankful for the great times we had back in the day.  To decorate my card, I placed strips of washi tape on a piece of card stock and then cut it with the Blossom punch.  The stamped sentiment is from A Dozen Thoughts stamp set.
As you can see, the second and third panels of the trifold are decorated with lines for writing a message and also a blank space with decorative pennants at the top.  Having note cards like this on hand is definitely something that I would recommend for anyone who has Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio software.  You never know when a song will come on and prompt you to write a little note to someone.

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