Monday, July 7, 2008


Is this a nasty bugger or what???? I stepped out on the porch today and spotted this interesting web in the corner. From the look of things, this creature thought my porch was the perfect habitat. I have never seen such a web and told my DH that he needed to make it disappear before it consumed the porch and WE became the daily meal! Oh, I know the web would never get that huge (would it?), but it would make an interesting horror movie for a not-so-small tunnel web to end up so large that when the family exits the home on the way to school, work, or wherever, they walk right through the tunnel! Oooh! Can you imagine walking into that web??? Geez Louise!! So, armed with a hoe (which I keep on the porch in case I have to fight off a slithering variety), a broom, and a leaf blower, this creature was dismissed from the homestead. My guys had orders to chase it far and wide, if necessary, but I don't believe it came to that. The leaf blower was used, though, because the creature ran between the house and the railing support (clever, huh?) and they just blew him right out.

I'm a little spider, watch me spin.

If you'll be my dinner, I'll let you come in.

Then I'll build my web to hold you tight,

And gobble you up in one big bite!

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