Friday, August 8, 2008


Okay . . . I hate that word "uber," too, but it was the first word that came to mind when I completed this project. How about if I just say that I feel a heightened sense of euphoric interest in the Big Shot, Sizzix, Decor Elements, and decorating with vinyl! That's better, huh? I've had this boring candy jar sitting in my stamp room for a long time, and today I had a bright idea of what to do with the complimentary Decor Elements design that SU sent to me. I applied the flowers to the jar and then applied the circle, dotted frame to the lid. I then removed the actual "frame" and left only the dots on the lid. How cool, huh? For the swirly design going around the jar, I put on my clever hat and used . . . of all things . . . the center of the "Flourish Frame" Decor Elements that was left over after I put the border of the frame on the wall in my stamp room. In place of the solid Chocolate Chip portion inside the frame, I put the "Create" Decor Elements definition. You can see this on my blog somewhere . . . it was done last month. Anyway, I knew I had kept that vinyl for "something," and today it was put to good use. I cut a portion of that left over vinyl, laid it on the Swirly Decorative Strip die, ran it through the Big Shot, and VOILA!!!!! . . . a swirly vinyl border for my candy jar!!!!! Yes, I'm so excited and love how this turned out! SU's new product lines are truly opening many creative doors for all of us!

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