Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Imagine you walk to the mailbox late at night (like 40 minutes ago).  It's quiet and still--you seem to be the only thing moving.  You close the mailbox door, hear something, look to the neighbor's yard, and see a four-legged figure with a stance that says, "I'm aware of you."  You assume it's the neighbor's friendly, loving dog, Buddy.  In a sweet, soft voice you say, "Hey Buddy" and proceed up the driveway.  You wonder why Buddy isn't following you to the house for a delicious biscuit and, when you turn to look back, you see that it isn't Buddy.  Instead, it's a stocky, pitch black dog that looks sort of like the one pictured here--only fatter--and without the bright daylight all around him.  The dog actually looked like a possibly undernourished bear and would have scared the crap out of me if I had noticed while at the mailbox that he wasn't Buddy.  I've seen that dog before, and I think he's probably harmless.  He moves kind of slow, and I might could outrun him.  I've only seen him at night, though, so he and I seem to share a fondness for a late hour.  I couldn't help but laugh as I told my husband about my trip back from the mailbox because I was reminded of that TV commercial where the woman is calling for her cat to come inside the house and, instead, she lets a raccoon in.  That could be me!

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