Monday, March 29, 2010


My neighbor, whom I've written about before, has been tearing out some fencing at the back of his yard (God knows why--I don't) and, unfortunately, his dumping ground is to the side of my back yard.  When I look out my patio door, this is part of my distant view.  The large garbage can that we no longer use is normally hidden by the side of the house but, for some reason, it's out of place at the moment.  Anyway, I walked by the patio door recently, glanced outside and, for a split second, thought, "Bear!!!!"  LOL!  You see what I saw, right?  When I wanted my husband and son to look at it, I prefaced the discussion with, "I want you to see something, and I know it's not really a bear . . ., " and they immediately started rolling their eyes and getting that "she's-so-crazy-but-we-love-her-anyway" look, but they actually could see what could be mistaken (during a quick peripheral glance)for a standing bear, although a thin one.  As you can tell, I applied a colored pencil filter to the photo so it would actually look better than real life, but the "bear" is still easy to spot (I think).

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