Saturday, February 9, 2013


You'd think that I would be able to know by now when I get a stamp set that will become a favorite, but I still get surprised.  "By the Tide" surprised me.  Of course, I really liked the images in this set, but I didn't imagine how wonderful it would be to use, particularly in the form of collage.  It is perfect and so easy to work with!  And that tiny script image is actually a poem that reads:
Pink shells, white shells, and shells colored blue;
smooth shells, crinkled shells, old shells and new;
striped shells and plain shells lift by the tide;
my shell is magic - the sea sings inside.
Isn't that a sweet poem?  It's too bad that the script is so small and easily overlooked, but that image is great for a little background/texture when you need it--perfect to keep a tag from looking too plain!  And, of course, all of the images in this set (in my humble opinion) simply scream to be used in a collage.


Jane M said...

I didn't think I liked that stamp until I saw this -- beautiful!!!

Nancy Seed said...

I love this. Love what you have done.