Friday, February 22, 2013


Yikes!  I'm late with posting today's Freestyle Fridays project.  I sat down to work on this post last night, got distracted, and then forgot.  Sorry, Julie!!!!  I was told that Julie used some old and retired designer paper for her project, and the colors in the paper reminds me of kitchens past.  My mother's kitchen was avocado green, my grandmother's kitchen was (and still is) harvest gold, my sister lived in a house for a couple of years with orange countertops (yes . . . ORANGE!!!!), and I had a kitchen twenty-some years ago that had far too much brown and, to brighten it up, I thought peach was a pretty color.  Granted, the actual colors in Julie's paper may not be any of the colors I mentioned, but the kitchens past popped in my head regardless.  You know, it could be the burst-ish design of the flowers that makes me think of kitchens past because I happen to have my mother's first stand mixer (yes, it's avocado green and looks vintage with it's harsh, squared angles), and it has some burst-ish looking circles on it.  Oh well . . . I'm sure Julie will love that her project today has awakened kitchens past in my head.  LOL!  Let's hop on over to her blog so we can see the whole project and stop thinking about kitchens.  She'll have a mission for me, and I cannot wait to see what it is!  Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks so much for visiting my blog!

ETA:  O.M.G.  I just visited Julie's blog and read that I get to be a Flat Stanley Regina when Julie and Jacoline go to Stampin' Up!'s convention!!!!  How fun!!!!

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