Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was looking at pictures on my niece's Facebook today, and she has some adorable shots of her precious son, Campbell. This little fellow has the cutest expressions, and he has hair like his mommy, although not as much yet! You can see in the picture collage that Haley had TONS of hair when she was a baby!!!!! I think it's very interesting that, in these pictures, Renee, Haley, nor Campbell have smiles. I seem to be the only happy one in the bunch, and that could have just been gas! Ha! I put these photos together, though, because I think it's interesting how much Renee, Haley, and Campbell favor one another. They're all three cute, aren't they? If Campbell turns out to be anything like his mommy and nana, he's going to be quite a sweet and friendly little man!

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