Monday, September 14, 2009


So I've been cleaning out the stamp room . . . and I *DO* mean cleaning out . . . all weekend. Do you know that I didn't even lay down last night until after 6:00 this morning??? What kind of CRAZY is that?!?! A few minutes ago, I opened one of my pantry-style cabinets to start ridding it of unused items (yes, I know it's almost 3:00 a.m.), and I opened this drawer to discover . . . the land of the lost glue! Now I ask you . . . who needs this much Tombow Multi Purpose Glue? And WHO has been repeatedly, compulsively adding it to my Stampin' Up! orders? Goodness gracious! I had no idea that I owned all of this glue, even though I keep adding more and more of it to this little drawer, apparently with each and every order that I receive. LOL! Alone in my messy room, I just had to laugh at myself when I saw this. You know, I've been exhibiting some symptoms of OCD (more and more) this year, and seeing this drawer has made a confirmed believer of me! Need help. Send meds! Yes, I know that sleep might do some good.

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