Friday, September 11, 2009


I don't normally get comments (sadly) to projects posted on my blog, but I could use your opinion now. Believe me . . . when I sat down to make a faux snow globe, this is not at all what I envisioned the end result to be. Is it too dark for a Christmas card? I kind of like the vintage look of it. Maybe I should have used the Circle Scissor Plus instead of scallop circles? I sponged Frost White Shimmer Paint on the edge of the Handsome Hunter circle, but I'm not loving that. My last effort was to brush Crystal Effects on the "globe," and I do like how that turned out. If you don't mind, take a few seconds to leave a comment on this card.


Debbie said...

It is a little darker than what you usually do, but I like it. I've been considering that stamp set (with ALL the time I have to spend on hobbies these days), and I think the scalloped edges "soften" the card. It's different for you, but still pretty. Whaddya mean, dark? I see black Christmas cards!

Anonymous said...

I like it! If it is differeent from what you usually do, that is not necessarily a bad thing,,,you kept your creative mind door open. And just think, it will stand out among other cards! I say its a keeper!