Saturday, September 26, 2009


Recently, I saw the cutest project that I wanted to try, but I knew there was a chance that it would fail miserably because it involved sewing. This morning, I found the wild hair to make me search for a needle and linen thread. Do you recognize the basket? It's the "Baskets & Blooms" Bigz XL die by Stampin' Up! which I used with felt. It's a good thing that Fall is here because the only three pieces of felt that I own happen to be brown, orange, and yellow. I wonder what I had in mind when I bought them. Hmmm. The glittery foam leaves are from the "Little Leaves" Sizzlits die. I wasn't convinced that anything glittery was appropriate for my Fall basket but, like I said, there wasn't any green felt in my room. Actually, the best looking thing about this basket is the basket and the yellow flower. The leaves and filler are totally off the mark, but the project idea is cute! I suppose this little basket will stay with me since I couldn't possibly give it to anyone and take a chance that they'd see my shoddy sewing. Truly, a 3 y/o could do a much better job! No . . . a child younger than that could do better! Sew-ers (not to be confused with sewers) of the world . . . I salute and respect you!

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