Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday was a perfect day here at the beach. Today, however, has been too hot! We started out setting up at the ocean (in the hot, hot sand), but I only managed to read one chapter of my book before I declared that I could not stay there any longer. When my husband and son came back from the ocean and said they'd "been whipped" by the waves, we loaded ourselves like mules to bring back three chairs, drinks, an umbrella, and an over-stuffed backpack to the pool. This was nice; however, this is a picture of my empty chair. Why is it empty? Because I had to dip myself--almost permanently--in the pool. My towel didn't even get dry from my first dip before I had to get back in. Actually, it's probably not "too hot" for most people, but I have the hardest time being still. I've never been one of those sun-worshipers who can spend hours basking beneath scorching rays. Tomorrow we'll head back home, and I think we're all ready. There's no place like home!!!!

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