Monday, July 6, 2009


Ever since I first ordered a pizza from "this" place and they included a pepper with it, I have enjoyed peppers with my pizza. I always order extras, but they almost always neglect to put them in the box. Argh!!!!! I try to remember to check the box when the pizza is delivered, but sometimes I forget, which means I have to make a call--or just do without. The pizza arrived last night with only one pepper in the box, but I wasn't in the mood to do without. Called the store, complained that this ALWAYS happens, and--YES--as a matter of fact, I DO want the peppers brought to me now. This is the box of peppers that was delivered. LOL!!!!! I hate to tell them, but this will not suffice as my next 10 orders! Even though a delivery fee is charged, I always give a generous tip and I hate that the driver had to come back out, but maybe they'll soon realize that Regina wants her peppers! I just laughed when I opened this box, and I wondered if there was spit all over them or if they had been rolled on the floor before being placed in the box. LOL! All I ask is that the pizza place be consistent. They manage to get the pizza in a box, so I don't know why they can't always get the peppers in there. The next time I order peppers and they bring me four, should I show them this picture and say "That's only one-eighth of my order!"

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