Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just can't stay out of this room but, since I'm really cleaning today, I thought I'd share an unpleasant experience and a warning to not invest in an attachment like this to vacuum the dust from your ceiling fan blades. I had my handheld vacuum and attachments out already and when I was putting paper towels in the closet, I uncovered a box of vacuum cleaner bags and an assortment of attachments. Hmmm . . . let me try this one, I said to myself. Clearly, I had enough attachments to reach the fan blades while keeping my feet planted on the floor, but just trying to get the attachment around a fan blade caused the fan to start swaying and turning (ours has a 2.5' rod connecting it to the ceiling mount). Argh! Okay, fine! I'll get the step stool! It didn't take long to realize that I didn't feel safe holding the vacuum in one hand, the attachment in the other hand, and trusting my balance to keep me on the stool while the fan kept moving side to side. That's a dizzying site, you know, when you're looking up! I stepped off the stool and slid a bench under the fan to hold the vacuum and then proceeded to clean. I still had trouble getting the attachment to glide over the blade, and the fan was leaning in all kinds of ways that I know can't be good. Guess what happened next? Yep! The dang vacuum slid off the bench, disconnecting it to the stupid fan blade attachment! In the picture, does it look to you like the vacuum sucked the dust from the brushes in this attachment? Doesn't look like it to me! All of the effort to make this one little (supposedly handy) tool work has brought me to conclusion that it's a complete waste of money, time, and energy!

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